Letting loose on top of the mountain on a moonless pitch black night, when my very good friend Greg bought down my 1964 Vox AC30 from Qld, he brought along a generator, and we went to the top of the Walls and gave it a good test, probably annoyed the owls, scared the dingos, he did some photos with flash, and there's orbs everywhere.

Early original 1966 Gibson ES345 with Brazilian rosewood fretboard, 1969 Fender Telecaster with 1965 pickups,
Fender 2006 Custom Shop Stratocaster with 1965 pickups, 1998 Les Paul Special with 1965 P90's
Next pic is my 1982 57RI Fender Stratocaster, it has two Red and one Grey bobbin pickups and is an early reissues, June 1982.
My pedal board featuring my favourite Tony Lama snake skin boots.

At the Tamworth Music Festival 2013, 10 days at the Tudor Hotel playing for Rod Dowsett as the newest member of the Cold Hard Truth,
Rod's a brilliant Singer, Songwriter and performer and it was a real privilege.
PS At the Tudor for another ten days this Tamworth Music Festval, 2014, as a member of Rod Dowsett and the Cold Hard Truth, hope to see you there.

Wild Man Brun with 1988 59Ri Gibson Les Paul. Best I've played, I can't imagine better than that. This pre historic is alive. Quite Durasic. Limited Edition of only two hundred. Low Serial number 8 80xx Brazilian rosewood fretboard and weighing 8lb 11 oz. This sweetheart has moved on but definitely not forgotten.

MY HEARTS DEZIRE ( Pennie Lennon)
        Wild Man Brun with My Hearts Dezire (Pennie Lennon) at Mamapolooza 2007 Sydney.
With Sid Poole 1995 59 Replica Les Paul, Swamp ash and Flamed Red Maple body, long tenon neck join, Mahogany neck, Indian Rosewood fretboard, Tom Holmes pickups, weighing 8lb 9 oz

L to R; Wild Man Brun, Pennie Lennon and Will Grey
    A reissue of the original Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. 2002 54 Historic reissue, full mahogany body chunky neck, P90 bridge pup and the Alnico 480 neck pup. That Alnico 480 pup is so sweet and deep sounding, giving this guitar a huge range. Very versatile and very Gibson, I'm surprised there's not more of these guitars around. These Les Pauls' sound fantastic, love the ebony fretboard really give these Les Pauls a sweet crisp edge. This guitar has moved on, but is not forgotten.
   (photo courtesy of Brad Bridger)      My Hearts Dezire (Wild Man and Pennie) at the Clarendon Katoomba July 2010

Brilliant singer songwriter David Griffith backed by some of Wild Man Brun's guitar lead

    (photos courtesy of Sue Daley)       Wild Man Brun playing a 2004 Sadowsky NYC Strat.(previously owned by Steve King and used on many Eminem recordings) One of the best Strats I've ever played. (Morado 12 inch radius slab fretboard on maple neck and alder body, Sadowsky humcancelling single coil pickups and Sadowsky active boost... the 12 inch radius fretboard feels surprisingly natural and easy to play even though I'm used to the vintage Fender necks like my Tele) This guitar has also moved on, but is not forgotten.
Backing David Griffith at the Clarendon in Katoomba 27th October 2009


    Look out for them. - WANTED -    (photo courtesy of Brad Bridger)          (photo courtesy of Brad Bridger)      
Left to Right;Wild Man Brun, Spacey Sissek, Josie Critter, Tex Morbid, Patsy Inclined.

Playing with the Mad Cowboy Disease
Playing with the Mad Cowboy Disease early 2013
At the Singer Songwriters night at the Gearin Hotel Katoomba

    Just a short walk up the hill to my thinking spot       where God knows

    Newspaper clipping from 1987
    a younger Wild Man Brun
so many guitars have come and gone in my colourful planetary excursion - 1984 three P90 Gibson Explorer.