(Singer_Songwriter Nights are now at the Hotel Gearin, Katoomba, for info refer back to home page)

was on at the Clarendon in Lurline Street, Katooma commencing 27th October 2009, and that period of the songwriters Nights finished with the last night at the Clarendon on the 26th October 2010, with a history of one full year. We thank the Clarendon for their support in letting us enjoy such a great venue.

CLARENDON Cabaret Room
68 Lurline Street KATOOMBA

With a great atmosphere, and a premier venue to play in, You can be there from 6.00pm on to sign in, three songs limit each (15 mins) max, depending on numbers- minimal setups so we all get a go.
Quality house PA provided with lighting and a great stage.
Hosted by Pennie and Bruno (My Hearts Dezire)
All welcome

Original material ONLY all styles welcome, NO COVERS.

The stage has an acoustic piano (in tune). Come and play or come and have a few drinks, be entertained and have a great night

What we (Pennie and Bruno) intend with this night at the Clarendon in Katoomba, is to enable and support songwriters, whatever category and expertise. A space for songwriters to try out new material, hone skills or just come for the fun and entertainment.
A culturally rich place where songwriters can create memorable nights of original entertainment for all to enjoy.

The Clarendon Guesthouse has a premier venue which often features international acts and we thank them for allowing us this opportunity.

$5 Entry
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

We'd like to thank the Imperial Hotel, Mt Victoria, for their patronage for the 18 months the event ran on their premises.
It's all now unforgettable history for all involved, many fond memories, and a musical growth and experience for many.

Below is the historic course documentation for the Imperial Hotel period as and when it happened.

Every Tuesday
7.00pm to 11.00pm
                  IMPERIAL HOTEL _ MT. VICTORIA

Great atmosphere, great room to play in. It's held every Tuesday in the Imperial Hotel's beautiful old Ballroom with two fireplaces, and side doors to the terrace and gardens. Being on the high edge of the mountains at around 1000m above sea level, there are many a misty night to add to the atmosphere, sometimes the music dissipates over the gardens and through the foggy night, framed by the light of the beaconing street lights.

You can be there from 6.30pm on to sign in, first in best dressed. three songs limit each per round, depending on numbers- minimal setups so we all get a go.
PA provided.
Hosted by Pennie and Bruno (My Hearts Dezire)
All welcome

Original material ONLY all styles welcome, No Covers.

Electric piano will be set up for those that like to play the keys. Come and play or come and have a few drinks, be entertained and have a good night
What we (Pennie and Bruno) intend with this night at the Imperial Hotel in Mt Victoria, is to enable and support songwriters, whatever category and expertise. A space to enjoy a creative atmosphere in which songwriters, musicians, and poets can come and try out new material, hone skills or just come for the entertainment and creative vibe.
A space to explore creativity and the joy of expression.

Mt Vic is a wonderful place, if your coming from Sydney take a few days to wind down and enjoy the sights and special places. The boss of the Imperial Hotel says if you want to stay at the hotel he will only charge $50.00 for a double room on Tuesday's in support of the Songwriters night.

The First Tuesday was 11th December 2007.
It is a great journey, meeting fellow musician songwriters, and giving us My Hearts Dezire (Pennie Lennon and Bruno Koenig aka Wild Man Brun) a venue to vent our musicianship as well as sparking a creative environment. From day one when the Mad Cowboy Disease were the first to join us as we rotated every three songs.
Here is the continuing documentation of the event through our email newsletters.

Pennie and Bruno wrote in the mail outs;

14th Dec.
Tuesday 11th was a great night which featured local original band 'Mad Cowboy Disease' - great name, wish I'd thought of that and some great harp playing from Simon from Blackheath.

7th Jan. 2008
Tuesday 18th was a great night. Micheal from Blackheath graced us with some superb playing and great songs, 'Mad Cowboy Disease' once again did some great entertaining and a great atmosphere was set up by all.

14th Jan.
Tuesday 8th was an exciting evening with great music played by all, some cabaret, recital, and a good size audience.

21th Jan.
Tuesday 15th: Hey this last week Tuesday's lineup had a major difference! We had more a country feel whereas last week was cabaret, with Boom Boom La Bern and Ariel from the 70's Cabaret Conspiracy Movement.
Greg Kernaghan _ Maryen Cairnes _ LeeAnne Hawkins _ Mal from Winmalee and his son Dean Ƒst ever performance for Dean) _ Daniel and Yvette from Lithgow _ Michael Norton and of course the Mad Cowboy Disease from Mt Vic.
It was a great evening with the kids _ Elvis and Arwen of Greg and Maryen showing their talents with the mic and general at ease with the crowd.

3rd Feb.
Another fantastic two weeks of songwriters nights. Last week we had a record eleven performers. Toni Farlow and Phil Cole traveled all the way to Mt Vic from Bathurst to perform. Toni has a magnificent voice and the audience was spell bound. Darren and Steve with sax and guitar instrumental, Mal and his son Dean, Micheal Norton, Nic the Hippy with his comedian routine, the Mad Cowboys Disease and Simon back from England on harp, and Neil the hillbilly from Broken Hill.
The previous week Kerrie Ford from Springwood graced the stage with some fabulous songs.
Looking forward to seeing you all again this Tuesday and anyone else that wants to join in.

19th Feb.
Our songwriters nights are managing to maintain a momentum of eight to nine performers per evening. Newcomers being David Griffith and Duo, Sandy & Pete from Katoomba, both mesmerizing performers leaving the audience wanting for more. Also reappearing in the last two weeks; Leeanne Hawkins _ Toni Farlow _ The Mad Cowboy Disease featuring Josie Critter and Simon on Harp from Blackheath _ Micheal Norton _ Darren on Sax.
Looking forward to seeing you all again this Tuesday and anyone else who would like to join in or come and be entertained.

3rd March.
The last two weeks of songwriters nights have seen the line up of; David Griffith _ Tony Farlow _ James & Sue from Portland (Ist time and brilliant) _ Jossie Critter and Patsy & Clyne from the Mad Cowboy Disease _ Micheal Norton from Blackheath _ Wild Man Brun _ Dean and Steve _ Isabel _ Daniel and Dane from Lithgow.
Looking forward to seeing you all this first Tuesday of March, and anyone else who would like to join in or just come and be entertained.

17th March.
The last two weeks performances has shown a greater number of artists appearing on these wonderful nights. Last week being the most ever with 15 acts.
David Griffith _ Dean & Andrew from Blackheath _ Darren on Sax _ Neil the Hillbilly from Broken Hill (last of the 'swagmen') _ The Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Micheal Norton _ Toni Farlow _ Phil Cole _ just back from Nashville _ Snez _ who has an upcoming performance at the Clarendon (see attachment) _ Ian Collins_ Anna _ Ash _ Sandy & Pete from Katoomba _ Steve.
The diversity and high standard of the performances is amazing, ; thanks guys for your commitment to having a good time. See you Tuesday.

18th April.
Along with our usual people the last three weeks has been an amazing experience of new faces appearing on our Tuesday Nights.
&$39Toungue and Groove', fabulous folk with piano accordian, bass and percussion _ Fergusson's 2nd time with lilting Irish Bouzouki _ Dawn and Wayne, sensitive blues mouth organ and guitar _ Daniel, Dane and Izaac on drums, from Lithgow _ Lewis, guitar restorer from Katoomba _ and Sacha on Djimbae from Leura. Plus our regular cast in the last three weeks; My Hearts Dezire _ The Mad Cowboy Disease _ David Griffith _ Micheal Norton _ Wild Man Brun _ Dean Ackerman and Steve _ Phil Cole.
All this and more every week, always something new happens. Don't miss out - Tuesday Night 22nd April.
Also performers from the Tuesday nights Songwriters will perform at the Ironfest at Cooke's Plaza Stage near Lithgow Post Office Main Street. 25th, 26th, 27th April. Original music presented by 'My Hearts Dezire' Pennie and Bruno. We have been given our own stage. Some of the musicians will be filming this event so bring your family and friends and join in on the fun.
Stalls with a variety of goods will also be in the Plaza adding to the festivities.
For further information on Ironfest go to www.ironfest.com.au

7th May.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Ironfest Anzac Weekend - at the Cooke's Plaza Stage. It was quiet compared to the festival at the showground, but the beauty was that of the ambience and that the ability of the performers to be heard was para mount.
This venue is the First of it's kind as a branch of the Ironfest Festival, we were harkened to hear that Ironfest started as three stalls and a truck with live music, so as in small beginnings, big things happen, - remembering that the Original music of the performers is the key note of the Plaza Stage... with the cafe and stalls making for a perfect venue in the future.
On another note we (Pennie and Bruno) will be away on Tuesday 13th May (check out the Mfest 10th May - www.mfest.info). We will be playing at the Mfest festival in Queensland and Robberti will be looking after the night as MC and Cliff (Josie Critter) and Dean will be looking after the music, PA side, just for this following Tuesday while we're away.

Tuesday nights' are holding their own with new performers appearing and adding to the variety of the venue. The last three weeks saw the performances of My Hearts Dezire of course, _ David Griffith _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Toni Farrlow _ Ash _ Ian Collins _ Wild Man Brun _ Micheal Norton _ Phil Cole _ Leanne Hawkins _ Daniel, Dane and Izaac _ Dean Ackerman _ Steve with jembe and on piano _ & Wayne Dawn and Jamie. The night as been enhanced by the sitting in of talented musicians such as Simon and his harps, and Gordon on drums, helping expand the performances. We're still buzzing from the magic of last night and will miss next Tuesday, see you in two weeks.

27th May.
While My Hearts Dezire travelled to Queensland for the Mfest, Mt Victoria rocked on the 13th. Thank you to Robberti for taking care of the evening and Cliff for helping out with PA and sound. It all kicked off with David Griffith. joined by Cliff and Garth unplugged on Bass _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Dean with his new guitar, with Steve and Micheal, Gordon on drums, Simon on Harp plus Will from Katoomba. We were back for the 20th. The fire was roaring and the room had eight acts. My Hearts Dezire _ David Griffith _ Anna from Katoomba _ Mad Cowboy disease _ wild Man Brun with Simon on Harp and Gordon and Will on Drums _ Katy K _ Dean _ Steve _ and Bruce with harp from Perth. Looking forward to tonight, Tuesday 27th June. See you there.

8th July.
Six weeks has passed since our last email, and the original music nights are ticking on nicely...what with the excitement of the Winter Magic Festival and the cold of the winter month of June....Our regulars keep coming making these memorable nights.
on 27th May
....Mad Cowboy Disease _ David Griffith _ Dane and Dean plus Steve _ My Hearts Dezire _ Ferguson Elliot _ Micheal Norton _ and Gordon on drums, with newcomers to the night ....Will on percussion and Bob, both from the inner mountains.
3rd June
....My Hearts Dezire _ Dean & Mal plus Steve on Djembe _ Wild Man Brun _ David Griffith _ with Gordon on drums through some performances. _ Mal from Winmalee _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Will _ and both Simon and Bruce on harps.
10th June
....My Hearts Dezire _ David Griffith _ Phil Cole _ Mad Cowboy Disease - Daniel and Dane _ Dean _ Will _ Wild Man Brun
17th June
....My Hearts Dezire _ Gareth Ollerenshaw on Bass _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Dean Ackerman _ Leeanne Hawkins _ Ardresh with this Harmonium _ Ferguson Elliot _ Wild Man Brun, Simon on Harp, Will and Pete on drums.
24th June
.....My Hearts Dezire (of course - Pennie Lennon with Wild Man Bruno on guitar) _ David Griffith _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Andrew the Poet _ Dean & Steve _ Will - guitar and piano _ Micheal Norton _Andresh _ Mark.
1st July
My Hearts Dezire with Gordon on drums _ David Griffith with Simon on harp _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Dean Gareth and Felice on drums - an incredible new chemistry - we're awaiting for the name of their band _ Kevin the bush poet - Andresh with his harmonium and political folk - and Dean II from the Hartley valley.
The acts are intermingling to form liaisons with drummers, percussionists, harp players and bass, creating exciting sounds and variety.
Tonight 8th July we will have belly dancers to surprise those who don't read this email ---see you there.

5th August.
4 weeks since our last email
Songwriters of Mt Vic & the mountains area are braving the cold to play on Tuesdays......
Last week we had two roaring fires and the atmosphere was fantastic.
8th June
...A huge lineup with My Hearts Dezire + Gordon on drums _ David Griffith _ EV1 (Deam, Gareth and Felice) _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Kevin from Hartley Valley reciting bush poetry _ Maryen Cairns with a surprise visit from Qld _ Dane from Lithgow _ Will from Katoomba _ Ivan and Phill from Woodford _ The White Cloud Band (Wayne, Dawn and Jamie) _ Jucie Mac Brucie on Harp and a fantastic second surprise for all with Tanya and her troop of Bellydancers. ( Check them out - www.yala.com.au)
15th June
.... David Griffith _ Gareth & Dean _ Sarah from Katoomba ...1st time and brilliant _ Ian and Pete with Brucie, Will and Jossie Critter _ Kevin from Hartley Valley _ EV1 (Dean, Gareth and Felice) _ Ivan and Phil _ My Hearts Dezire with Will on Drums _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun.
22nd June
....Wild Man Brun _ Kevin the Bush Poet _ My Hearts Dezire _ Jossie Critter with Wild Man Brun _ Ian and Pete _ Dean and Gareth with Darren on Sax _ Will from Katoomba
29th June
....Wild Man Brun started the night as well as later with Pennie Lennon and Will_ David Griffith _ My Hearts Dezire _ Sarah - with the amazing song about Bare Feet & Bindi Eyes - not a dry eye left in the room _ Dean from Blackheath _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Toni Farlow from Bathurst _ Fergusson Elliot from Glenbrook _ Will from Katoomba _ Lewis with Jucie Mac Brucie and Wild Man Brun.
Thanks to evrybody. This Original Music Night is getting better every week. Perhaps we'll see you tonight.

19th August
19th August
The last two weeks performances have been amazing. What with the weather been Sooooo.. Co.ol.l.d But the fires at the Mt Vic Imperial are warm and cosy + the nights entertainment fabtastic.
Now we have the Sound Guy Brad who also has a program on BluFM Bimonthly.... read the attached Newsletter because he will be recording the live shows on our nights for BluFM and burn CD's of the night.
This is incredible because for $15 the artists will be able to have a live recording of their performance on CD to sell or otherwise keep for their edification.
5th August;
My Hearts Dezire with Gordon on drums _ David Griffith with Wild Man Brun + Gordon _ Kevin the Bush Poet _ Wild Man Brun _ Ian Collins with Jucie Brucie and Gordon _ Dean and Gareth _ Mad Cowboy Desease with Buffalo Bob and Trigger setting the pace _ Will on guitar and Piano (Also a great drummer).
12th August
We started the night with My Hearts Dezire _ Leanne Hawkins with Pete on guitar - Ian Collins with Pete, Juicy Brucey McBrae, Will on drums and Julie on Sax _ Sarah Antill _ EV1 _ Gareth _ Andresh with his Harmonium _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Will _ David Griffith _ and a newcommer - Haste.
Looking forward to tonight, See you there!

9th September
Songwriters RoCK!
We've had three big line ups in the last 3 weeks.... what with 2 fabulous recording sessions with Brad from BluFM.
Yesterday he aired the previous week's recording session ...this is his second songwriters aired radio show & tonight the CD will be on sale for the performers.
The quality is exceedingly high in that room which is Great. .. eventually we will have a compilation CD for sale for the General Public.
Tuesday 19th August
My Hearts Dezire - Pennie Lennon, Wild Man Brun & Will _ David Griffith - with Darren on Sax, Wild Man Brun on lead guitar, Simon on Harp, Paris on Bass & Will on drums _ EV1 - Dean, Felice & Gareth _ The Mad Cowboy Disease _ Dean with Wild Man Brun, Simon, Paris & Darren _ Ian Collins & Pete (formally the Love Gods) _ Leanne Hawkins from Lithgow & Pete on guitar _ Andresh on Harmonium - with Darren sax, W.M.Brun guitars, Will drums, Simon harps, Cliff electric mandolin _ Will with his great songs and playing guitar (usually on drums) with WMBrun _ Wild Man Brun - as outragious as ever with Will on drums and Pennie on piano.
26th August
Warm up with My Hearts Dezire _ Leanne Hawkins with Pete on guitar _ David Griffith _ Daniel and Dane from Lithgow _ Sarah Anthill _ EV1 _ Toni Farlow from Bathurst _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Kevin from Hartley Valley _ Ian Collins _ Will _ Wild Man Brun _ Rob
2nd Sept.
EV1 _ Dane from Lithgow _ The Mad Cowboy Disease _ Ian & Pete + Will _ Will _Wild Man Brun _ Cow Funk - Frank & Dave + WMBrun ( the cow theme is spreading) _ Pete with his Willy Nelson style guitar _ Kasha with a poem _ + I wore a fake Cow Coat....
> the CD of the last recordings will be on sale tonight.
See you tonight

23rd September
9th Sept
Our songwriting nights never cease to amaze us.
We had an interstate visitor from Walwa Victoria - John Anderson and the Elastic Band (comprising of himself), declaring 'The Present Forever'.. The room was electric with humor and joy at his fantastic performance. Fortunately he left two CD's for our enjoyment and radio play....Brad from BluFM's show yesterday aired his wonderful songs on his Songwriting Show - it's every second Monday at 10am...make sure your in the area to tune in...
Also it was a huge night of talent with David Griffith (Saucepan Bach) _ Sarah Antill _ Darren with his sax, freind of John Anderson, thank you Darren _ Dane from Lithgow _ My Hearts Dezire _ Steve from Lithgow, just returned home from Melbourne to live,_ Peter Ball and Ian Collins _ Andresh with his harmonium from the Megalong Valley _ Wild Man Brun _ Will _ Mad Cowboy Disease _Toni Farlow with Paris on Bass _ and Kasia with a poem. All on all an incredible amount of talent and an unforgetable night.
16th Sept
This night was a little quieter than the previous week but the room was full of audience which is great for the performers. No two nights are ever the same. My Hearts Dezire _ David Griffith _ Andresh _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Frank with Cow Funk _Wild Man Brun and Will.
Hoping to see you all again tonight, every evening is a surprise package of entertainment.
- Congrats to the Mad Cowboy Disease for their CD launch at the Imperial Hotel Mt Victoria next Saturday night.

7th October
2008 ... Spring is definitely here......with new beginnings..... wonderful songs and poems.
23th September
Sarah Antill began the evening with a song written especially about our Songwriters Night at Mount Vic, describing the room we perform in as 'Cherries and Cream with Multiple Moons........' anyone who has been there will understand perfectly the analogy. What an honor.. _ Next My Hearts Dezire _ Andresh from Megalong lampooning Peter Garrett _ David Griffith (Saucepan Bach) with Gordon on drums & Wild Man Brun on guitar _ Ian Collins & Pete Ball _ Leanne Hawkins with Pete on guitar _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Will _ Kasia with a poem about the song 'The Past Has No Power' by Pennie Lennon _ and Pete Ball surprised us with his wonderful voice.
30th September
Was busy as usual with My Hearts Dezire _ Dean from Mt Vic _ Mad Cowboys Disease (also from Mt Vic) _ Phil Cole from Bathurst _ David Griffith with a new song about 'White Man have no Dreaming' _ Leanne Hawkins with her fabulous country voice & Pete Ball - Great guitar _ Ian Collins, Pete, Will and Julie on sax _ Wild Man Brun _ Andresh _ Toni Farlow - also from Bathurst with her beautiful presence _ Will who played drums for everyone ...played and sung some of his great songs....
Tonight the 7th Oct.
Brad from BluFM will be recording the night for the third time..... everyone who has heard his radio show - 2nd Monday of the month, 10.00am to 12.00 am are enthusiastic that the songwriters of the area are getting support and air play.......
Be early tonight if you want to play.........
see you there... and lets have some fun.

4th November
It's moving all so quickly - November is here, the last month of Spring. Today being the Melbourne Cup day, hope fully someone has backed a winner. Our last 4 weeks performances have been terrific....
in order of appearance;
7th September
My Hearts Dezire _ Steve Thomas _ David Griffith _ Robin Gaskell _ Ian Collins with Wild Man Brun, Pov on Bass, Simon on Harp, Darren on Sax and Will on drums _ Andresh with his harmonium _ The White Cloud Band (Wayne, Dawn & Jamie) _ Pov (Will's sister) from Nimbin _ Will Gray _ Darren and his sax _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Garreth "Osbequian" _ Micheal Norton. ... All performances were recorded by Brad for BluFM which is aired on radio Bi-monthly.
14 Sept.
My Hearts Dezire _ Sarah Antill with Pete Ball _ David Griffith _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Andresh _ Wild Man Brun _ Darren
21 Sept.
My Hearts Dezire _ Dean _ Andresh _ Andrew the Poet _ David Griffith with Wild Man Brun, Simon on harp and Darren on Sax _ Steve Thomas _ The Mad Cowboy Disease _ Cow Funk _ Will _ Billy _ Gilberto _ Darren _ Micheal Norton accompanied by Andre and Frank on Drums _ Wild Man Brun
28th Sept.
Gareth _ Dan _ David Griffith _ My Hearts Dezire _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Bob and Hoops as 'Minus 33" _ Dean _ Kevin the Bush Poet _ Will _ Lewis with Juicy MacBrucie _ Wild Man Brun.
Our Original Music Nights as you can see are attracting new faces and performers. Last week Dan and Minus 33...Billy and Gilberto.... and earlier with Pov from Nimbin and Robin Gaskell.
Tonight the 4th November Brad from BluFM will be recording. - so get there early to get on the list, everyone is included.......... the recorded performances are available the next week for the performers only.....- for their edification!
Hopefully within the next few months we will have a CD of the nights to sell and distribute for promotion.
See you there 8-)
and lets have fun.

16th December
Summer is here at last, but it doesn't feel like it at all, what with the wind and rain. (We need it of course) and cold spells. Mt Vic Original Music Nights have been ticking on and now we have a real stage to perform on and since moving it to the East side of the room the sound feels bigger and is amazing.
In order of appearance;
4th November;
We had of course, My Hearts Dezire _ David Griffith _ Andresh with his Harmonium _ Will Grey _ Ian Collins _ Dean & Garreth _ Andrew the Poet _ Darren on Sax _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ minus 33 - Bob & Hoops _ Wild Man Brun _ Paris.
11th Novermber;
Kicked in with David Griffith _ Phil Cole from Bathurst _ My Hearts Dezire _ newcomer Jim Mills on Ragtime Piano _ Andresh _ Ian Collins _ Wild Man Brun _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ and also newcomer, Jacquie with Jucie McBrucy on harp.
18th November;
Leanne Hawkins with Pete Ball _ My Hearts Dezire _ Garreth & Dean _ newcomer Glenda from Lithgow with stories of performing in this room in the 70's _ Andresh Heks _ Wild Man Brun _ Man Cowboy Disease _ Andrew the Poet _ Will Grey _ Paris.
25th November;
Wild Man Brun _ David Griffith _ Andresh Heks _ Dean & Garreth _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Billie with Katie on electric violin, Dave on Bass, Jossie Critter on on mandolin & Wild Man Brun on guitar _ White Cloud Band _ Micheal Norton _ Wild Man Brun with Dave on bass.
2nd December;
we had- My Hearts Dezire _ Toni Farlow _ David Griffith with Wild Man Brun & Simon Crosbie on harp _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Andresh Heks _ Fergusson Elliot _ Wild Man Brun _ Micheal Norton.
9th December;
Dean Ackerman _ My Hearts Dezire _ Ian Collins with Wild Man Brun & Simon Crosbie on harp _ Steve Thomas _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Andresh Heks _ Andrew the Poet _ Micheal Norton and Andre on percussion _ Wild Man Brun.
On the 23rd December we will have a guest artist from Queensland (see attached BIO and Photo) This is very exciting as it is our 1st ANNIVERSARY of our Original Music Night. The guest spot is 45 min so be there early to sign on as we want to fit everybody in, and Brad will be recording the evening performance.
Please spread the word and lets all have fun! :)
Tonight Brad will be there with his computer and anyone wanting a copy of their performance previously recorded - for $15 he will burn a copy for them.
See you there 8-)
and lets have some fun.

16th February 2009
The last four weeks Singer Songwriters Nights have been fantastic. With new talent and old faces reappearing to make the nights new and varied every week.
In order of appearance;
20th January;
My Hearts Dezire _ Steve Thaomas from Lithgow _ Ian Collins _ David Griffith _ Andresh _ The feature act Fergusson was an absolutely fabulous 3/4hr of Irish Bousouki and lyrical foot tapping music _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Kevin the Poet _ Toni Farlow _ Craig Field - a new face and brilliant songwritter newly moved to the area - and with a song "I've got the terrrible twos" _ Micheal Norton _ Wild Man Brun.
27rd January;
The day after Australia Day was quiet but brill. as we had new acts appearing. Kicked in with Wild Man Brun _ My Hearts Dezire _ Andresh _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ new act Paul Bergagnin with a song about Obama accompanied by Pennie Lennon on piano - lyrics by Andresh ("BlackMan White House") _ ending with Cletis from the Mt Vic Cafe across the road strutting his music - good stuff.
3rd February;
My Hearts Dezire _ Toni Farlow _ Roman's debut performance with incredible songs _ followed by his son Will, a brilliant guitarist songwriter who captured the room _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Giberto with great instrumental guitar _ Steve Thomas _ Kevin the Poet _ Paul Bertgagnin _ White Cloud Band with Dave on bass in the last song.
10th February;
Commencing with My Hearts Dezire _ Steve Thomas _ Anna with Cello player Darren (brilliant)- fabulous to see her again, with CD for sale _ Roman , with more stage confidence , totally holding the audience_ Wild Man Brun _ Andresh Heks _ David Griffith _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Gilberto _ Toni Farlow - casting a spell as usual.
13th January;
we had- My Hearts Dezire _ Steve Thomas _ David Griffith _ brand new band the Chookes comprising of Sarah Antill & Felce (the drummer from EV1) - it was great to see them team up with their guitars and voices - quite magic _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Andresh Heks _ newcomers Eddie and Mark were amazing and kept us spellbound _ Toni Farlow _ Wild Man Brun _ another fabulous surprise - Jaqui with an amazing voice accompanied by Jucie MacBrucie and Jeff on guitar _ then Jeff sang us a tune or two to think about accompanied by his great guitar playing.....Thank You all it was another great evening.
Traditionally February is a quiet month with going back to work and school, - but our songwriting nights have been wonderful. Showcasing the large variety of talents that live in the mountains and bordering area. On the 24th we'll have the feature act - Mad Cowboy Disease. See attached Promo , and Brad will be recording the night for the upcomming WinterMagic CD. So be there early to ensure you have a spot as we work on first come basis. Also WinterMagic will be promoting the Mt Vic Singer Songwriters Night as part of their satellite events which is a boon for us all.
See you there 8-)

25th March 09
Another 6 weeks has passed full of exciting Songwriters Nights with the promise of lots of changes and new opportunities coming our way, and many new faces coming to play at our nights.
Kicking off;
17th February
My Hearts Dezire _ Ian Collins with Wild Man Brun and Gordon on drums _ David Griffith _ Larry Hughes a special guest from Wollombi _ Roman blowing us away with his amazing presence _ Mad Cowdoy Disease _ Toni Farlow _ Paul with Dave on bass and Pennie on Piano _ Part Time Isis with Phil doing some great guitar and Angie's brilliant operatic voice _ Fergusson _ Wild Man Brun
24th February
Special Feature Act Night
Starting with My Hearts Dezire _ Dean & Gareth _ Cletis Carr who has the Cafe across the road _ Part Time Isis _ Toni Farlow _ David Griffith _ Gilberto _ Our Feature Act; Mad Cowboy Disease with Jossie Critter, Patsy Inclined, Tex Morbid, and Wild Man Brun. A brilliant 45min set which attracted the attention of some avant garde inner city dwellers who want to feature them in their next art event in Sydney and an inaugural copy of a new Art Magazine 'Famous'._ next was Steve T _ Ian Collins & Pete Ball joined by Wild Man Brun, Jossie Critter & Tex Morbid _ Wild Man Brun _ Roman. Apologies to Willian and Micheal Norton, as the night ran out of time. The evening was recorded by Brad Bridger for BluFM and the upcoming Winter Magic CD.
3rd March
My Hearts Dezire _ Steve T ( Steve Thomas) _ Part Time Isis _ David Griffith _ Jossie Critter _ Paul _ Roman _ Wild Man Brun _ Fergusson
10th March
My Hearts Dezire _ Andris _ David Griffith _ Roman _ William _ Raman _ Paul _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Toni Farlow _ Wild Man Brun
17th March
My Hearts Dezire _ Gilberto _ Andris _ Dean & Gareth _ Stevie T _ David Griffith _ David R _ Paul Roman _ Toni Farlow _ Mad Cowbiy Disease _ Duke - who blew everybody away with his amazing voice _ Michael, accompanied by Wild Man Brun _ Wild Man Brun.
Apologies to Snez and Stewart as we are getting so busy we have decided to kick off at 7.00pm instead of 7.30pm so to try to ensure all acts get a go.
24th March
My Hearts Dezire _ Andris _ Newcomer John Cooke with great country songs and a strong voice _ Stevie T _ Raman _ Toni Farlow & Roman duet (debut performance) _ David Griffith _ Part Time Isis _ Wild Man Brun _ Paul _ Dean and Andre with Dawn on harp _ Will Gray with Scott on bass. _ ...First time Mad Cowboy Disease missed a night due to ill health. Get well Jossie Critter.
Exciting opportunities have arisen for the Tuesday Night Singer Songwriters.
April 4th The Blackheath Food & Wine Festival in the Gardiners Inn's grounds, 10.00am to 2.00pm.
April 25th & 26th The Ironfest Festival's Cookes Stage at the Lithgow Showground, www.ironfest.com.au
and not forgetting Katoomba's Winter Magic Festival listing us on their Calender of Events www.wintermagic.com.au.
These events are great opportunities for us to showcase our talents to a wider audience.
Don't forget next week is a Feature Artist Night and will be featuring David Griffith who is a very talented singer songwriter, a local Blue Mountain's talent who has been coming regularly to the Tuesday Nights over the past year. See attachment.
Be early to ensure a spot if you want to play.
See you there 8-)

23rd April
Easter has come with a cold change and all of us are warming in front of fires and rugging up in Winter Clothing.
Over the Easter break Bruno and I had a great time at the National Folk Festival, Canberra. Being our first time to the Festival we had great delight playing the blackboards at the Merry Muse Stage and the Village Stage showcasing our stuff to the folkies with astonishing approval Cool.........We met up with lots of Blue Mountains musicians and was pleasantly surprised to learn that our Mt Vic Singer Songwriters Nights are being talked about as a place to play in the mountains. so doubly cool.


31st March...
was the feature night for David Griffith, our long time supporting performer Songwriter.
David was backed by Wild Man Brun and Paul Bergeenen. David's songs are amazing. His new CD tittled 'Saucepan Bach' produced by Bob Spencer from The Angels is now available to David Griffith fans.
The nights lineup also included in order of appearance; My Hearts Dezire _ Dane from Lithgow whose new musical project is called 'Mittens Music' _ John Cooke _ Toni Farlow + Roman _ Raman _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Wild Man Brun _ Paul Bergeenen _ Will Grey.

4th April...Blackheath Food and Wine Festival was a great success.
In order of appearance;
My Hearts Dezire _ White Cloud Band _ Stevie T _ Wild Man Brun _ David Griffith _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ C.S.Field _ Toni Farlow
The fog rolled in at about 1.00pm. We all kept playing, it was a great day. There were many highlights to the day; the Mad Cowboy Disease with their song entitles Wino Blues, Stevie T with his Elvis channeled humor, Toni Farlow was whimsical and enthralling, and C.S Field's song 'I've Got The Terrible Twos' is a knockout. All gave great performances to a really great day.
We were followed by a duo Wizard and Oz (Andrew Farrell & David McMillan) all the way from Melbourne who graced the stage with a riveting performance, even as the rain kept tumbling down.
Andrew Farrell is a most accomplished world class piano player and between them they rock a hot act. They perform on stages Nationally and regularly Internationally, and we are fortunate that they have accepted to be our feature act on May 12th, so look out. They have a new all original CD; 'A Piece of Work'.
7th April.
My Hearts Dezire _ Gareth _ Dean Ackerman _ Leanne Hawkins and Pete Ball _ Gilberto _ Duke Gothbald _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Will _ Dane _ Raman _ Toni & Roman _ A newcomer Maggie from Palm Island with beautiful and challenging poetry _ Wild Man Brun
14th April.....
My Hearts Dezire _ Stevie T _ Leanne & Pete _ Part Time Isis _ David Griffith _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Cletis Carr _ Toni Farlow _ Andris _ Wild Man Brun _ Kerrie Ford & Co _ Mick & Ian (from the Flaming Barstools) _ Roman (newcomer) great talent _ his father Christian.

WoW! What a month. It gets even better.
We will all be traveling down this weekend to IRONFEST ( www.ironfest.com.au ) 25th and 26th April Anzac weekend. We will be on the Cooke's Plaza Stage in the showground ( so it's now called Cooke's Stage ) all of us that we can muster .. two days of exploding cannons, jousting, sword fighting, belly dancing, over 80 stalls, art, and of course Original Music. All very exciting.
THEN 28th April we have the fabulous Toni Farlow feature night at Mt Victoria's Imperial Hotel....does it get any better. As Jossie Critter front man for the Mad Cowboy Disease exclaimed; 'her heartfelt lyrics are accompanied by a solo finger picking style that negates the need for percussion or accompaniment and provides a haunting performance'.
Hope to see you all at Ironfest or see you next Tuesday at Mt Vic.
See you there 8-)

5th May
It's not so long since you've had one of our newsletters. We have had an exciting last week............ IRONFEST was chilly to the bone and all our intrepid performers arrived and sang through the Wind & Sleet..Our stage was wittnessed by a select few who braved the weather but the good news is that as the wind was behind us you could hear it all clearly at the enterance and car park and those musical notes probably made it all the way to Bell providing music for everyone and all creatures along the way. Next year they promised us a more sheltered stage .... it was a lot of fun though, singing through cannon fire and battle reanactments.
April 28th
The Toni Farlow feature night was a great success.
My Hearts Dezire _ Stevie T _ David Griffith with Pete Ball, Wild Man Brun & Jossie Critter _ Wild Man Brun _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Andris _ Toni Farlow,.. who's performance was haunting and commanding silence from everyone, you could hear a pin drop, an extraordinary performance experience for us all. Brad Bridger from BluFM recorded the event for his radio show every second Monday 10.00am to 12.00am... the evening finished some fine performances from; _ CSI _ Raman _ Dean Acherman.

Our Feature act for May , on May 12th we have a fabulous duo from Melbourne, 'Wizard & Oz'( www.wizardandoz.com.au )
Andrew Farrell on piano/vocals and David McMillan on guitar/vocals. A show not to be missed.
Tonight we will be rocking as usual, starting around 7.00pm

See you there 8-)

28th May
Winter is just about here and WET... but Mt Vic is rocking and May was huge.....
Starting with;
5th May
My Hearts Dezire _ David Griffith with Wild Man B, Jossie Critter & Tex Morbid _ Toni Farlow with Wild Man backing her on one song _ Wild Man Brun himself plus Pennie on piano _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ CSI from Lithgow ... the night was quiet but as usual a lot of fun.
12th May ... Feature Night
Hy Hearts Dezire _ Leeanne Hawkins _ Toni Farlow _ Wild Man Brun _ Stevie T _ then the fabulous Feature Act Wizard & Oz all the way from Melbourne and didn't they rock the room. It was an extraordinary 45 minute set with a room full of audience, and they got just that, an extraordinary performance. _ Mad cowboy Disease _ Egg Malt, a young band with a debut performance and nobody expecting a Led Zeppelinesque set _ CSI _ Paul Bergeenen.
The evening was recorded by Brad Bridger for BluFM.
19th May
Last week we purchased a lighting rig which has lifted the room's atmosphere enormously with; _ My Hearts Dezire _ Raman _ David Griffith _ CSI _ King St Express , new faces and very welcome _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ and of course Wild Man Brun.
26th May
Last night was amazing, starting with My Hearts Dezire _ David Griffith _ Ross Bruzzesi and Zara Meow, all the way from Sydney. A class act with piano playing reminiscent of Tori Amos mixed with Missy Higgins _ Toni Farlow _ Roman _ Mad Cowboy Disease _ Egg Malt ala Led Zeppelin _ Wild Man Brun _ Part Time Isis _ CSI _ White cloud Band.
Next week we kick off the collaboration with Winter Magic as a satellite event promising more publicity and being part of the Winter Magic calender of events. Each Tuesday in June will have a Feature Act, starting with Part Time Isis on the 2nd June.
See you there 8-)

  2nd June.........Part Time Isis.

  9th June.........EV1,

16th June.........My Hearts Dezire,

23rd June.........CS Field,

30th June.........Stevie T.

don't Forget;
Sunday 21st June.........Singer Songwriters event; Carrington Ballroom, Katoomba, from 12.00am to 6.00pm
We'll be running our night through the day.
Contact Pennie for participation, as usual.

Songwriter/Performer's who have participated to date are:
(in no particular order)

My Hearts Dezire (Lithgow)
Wild Man Brun (Lithgow)
Mad Cowboy Disease (Mt Victoria)
Simon Crosbie on harmonica (Blackheath)
Micheal Norton (Blackheath)
Boom Boom La Bern (Sydney's 70's Cabaret Conspiracy Movement) (India)
Ariel ( 70's Cabaret Conspiracy Movement)
Greg Kernaghan (Queensland)
Maryen Cairnes (Qld)
Elvis Kernaghan (Qld)
LeeAnne Hawkins (Lithgow)
Mal (Winmalee)
Dean (Mt. Victoria)
Daniel and Yvette (Lithgow)
Toni Farlow (Bathurst)
Phil Cole (Bathurst)
Darren on sax (instrumental)
Steve on guitar (instrumental)
Nic the Hippy with his comedian routine
Neil the hillbilly (Broken Hill)
Kerrie Ford (Springwood)
David Griffith ('Saucepan Bach') (Katoomba)
Sandy & Pete (Katoomba)
Josie Critter (Mt Victoria)
James & Sue (Portland)
Daniel And Dane (Lithgow)
Ian Collins (Katoomba)
Anna (Katoomba)
Ash (Katoomba)
'Toungue and Groove' with piano accordian/piano, bass and percussion
Fergusson (Glenbrook)
Dawn and Wayne with blues harmonica and guitar
Daniel & Dane with Izaac on drums (Lithgow)
Gilberto (Blackheath)
Cletis Carr ( Mt. Victoria )
Lewis (Katoomba)
Sacha on Djimbae (Leura)
Part Time Isis (Mt Victoria)
Stevie T (Lithgow)
Ramon ( Blackheath )
Wizard & Oz ( Melbourne )
King Street Express
The Chooks
White Cloud Band ( BlackHeath )
Serah Antill
Ross Bruzzesi ( Sydney )
John Cooke
Egg Malt ( Katoomba )
C.S.Field ( Wentworth Falls )
EV1 ( Blackheath )
Mittens Music ( Lithgow )
Juicy Mac Brucie on harmonica
SI ( Lithgow )
Kevin the Poet ( Hartely Valley )
Zara Meow ( Sydney )
Paul Bergagnin ( Mt Victoria )
Mal ( Bathurst )
Penny Singer ( Katoomba )
Minus 33

The Singer Songwriters Night of original music has developed, hosted by Pennie and Bruno.
It was based in Mount Victoria's Imperial Hotel on the western edge of the Great Dividing Range,
as there's lots of great original talent through the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and the Central Tablelands of New South Wales.
Now the Singer Songwriters Night, has moved ( Now at the Clarendon Cabaret Room 68 Lurline Street Katoomba).
It was established in December 2007 by Pennie and Bruno with the Imperial Hotel, Mt Victoria as the venue.
100 + people filled the room on the last night in the Imperial Ballroom for the final show, July 7th 2009.